Our Pricing Expertise

Development and implementation of analysis and tools to support the definition of global Pricing strategies and their operational implementations

Analysis of healthcare systems and pricing procedures:
  • International Reference Pricing risk analysis
  • Optimization of international launch sequence
Definition of clinical and economical value of health products

Proposal of pricing and reimbursement scenarios

Setting up & conduct of qualitative interviews with physicians, KOLs, payers, etc.:
  • Perception of disease
  • Product profile test
  • Evaluation of unmet needs
Elaboration of quantitative market studies:
  • "Floor prices” definition
  • Price elasticity analysis ( Van Westendorp/ Gabor Granger)
  • Tiers pricing analysis
Operational implementation of pricing strategy:
  • Recommendation and optimization of tender strategy for public markets: tender shaping
  • National price cascade optimization (distributors margins, discounts)
  • Country level workshop for strategy implementation
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