Our Market Access Expertise

Development and implementation of analysis and tools to support Market Access strategy for new healthcare products

Analysis of international healthcare policies and pricing & reimbursement procedures to support negotiations with government authorities:
  • Mapping of healthcare systems
  • Analysis of decision makers’ decision criteria
Evaluation of clinical and medico-economic arguments:
  • Burden of disease evaluation: severity of the disease (incidence, prevalence), comorbidities
  • Target population evaluation
  • Disease unmet needs evaluation in current indication
  • Disease cost effectiveness and budget impact evaluation
Identification of private (non-reimbursed) and public (reimbursed) market opportunities
Operational support during evaluation procedures in France:
  • Preparation and submission of reimbursement files in France with healthcare authorities (ANSM, HAS, CT, CEEPS and CEPS): development of clinical and economical arguments
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